Print Mission

The project started a decade ago with an admiration for a particular utility cover in downtown Seattle and a spontaneous idea to make a relief print directly from the street. That sparked a new found love for graphic design, the history beneath our feet, and making art.

It has taken me on a quest to find antique, symbolic, and iconic utility covers in cities and towns across the country while preserving those relics through relief prints. The process of researching and discovering designs in different cities while reinterpreting each through colored ink on canvas and textiles has provided a personal interaction with art and public utilities, and most importantly, connecting people to their neighborhood and community.

It’s more than just manhole and hatch covers, sewer drains, and the prints. It’s the thrill of discovering these overlooked objects, cataloging American industry, raising awareness to our infrastructure, and showing appreciation for craftsmanship of the past.

I currently have over 400 full-sized and full color prints on canvas from more than 70 cities across the country and a few from overseas.

Each city's design, infrastructure, and people are unique.

And each has a story to tell. Wanna hear a few?